About Upbeat's Founder, Sim Fern

Details are imperative to the master craftsman and designers at Upbeat Designs. We recognize that the right furnishings, colors, textures, and styles can make all the difference in creating a space that our clients are happy with. Before any item goes through our doors, our master craftsmen apply their expertise to every custom-made order by hand -- whether that’s by feeling a glossy multi-color wooden desk to make sure it’s sanded perfectly, or checking to make sure a bar stool is stained just the right shade of cherry red that the client asked for. Then we post it to our followers on Instagram just for good measure.

This level of expertise wouldn’t be possible if it were not for our Principal and Founder of Upbeat Designs, Sim Fern. Sim's passion for fabricating furniture started when he was handyman as a teenager. What began as a job doing typical furniture repairs and one-off fix-it-projects, turned into a passion he pursued for the rest of his life.

Sim Fern’s skills were first put to the test when he worked alongside a team of technicians to fulfill warranties for furniture retailers. Soon after that, Sim went on to work in repairs, restorations, and refinishing projects that specialized in mid-century furniture. Although Sim loved what he was doing, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing in his life. He was searching for a career that could combine his love of restoring furniture, yet also provided him with a steadier business.

That’s when Sim created Upbeat Designs.

As a luxury custom furniture design, upholstery, and high-end millwork business, we partner with interior designers, architects, contractors, business owners, and homeowners in the New York City metro area to provide millwork and beautifully custom-made furniture for both residential and commercial spaces. Founding Upbeat is a dream for Sim Fern, and it wasn’t founded strictly for the entrepreneurial benefits. Speaking candidly about his reasoning, a very down-to-earth Sim stated:

I don’t define myself as an entrepreneur; I just do what I love. My drive comes from the need to better myself, to evolve, to grow, and to develop meaningful relationships. An entrepreneur’s drive comes from success, whereas my drive comes from the craftsmanship and discipline necessary to create the vision of design and art for our clients.
— Sim Fern

Now, Sim Fern and the Upbeat Designs team are making waves in an industry that’s full of imports of mass-produced furniture. With a prime location in Brooklyn, we have easy access to quality materials, vendors, locally made American furniture, and a plethora of clients from the interior design, architecture, hospitality, and restaurant industries up and down the East Coast.

Upbeat Upholstery and Design has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and their knowledge of upholstery and millwork is incredibly thorough,” says The Bond Collective Design Team. “They have been so patient throughout the process, and their opinions and advice have been a lifesaver. They are responsive, helpful, and they have an eye for details—something that is unique in this industry. The Upbeat team make the process easy and, dare I say, fun! Their product speaks for themselves!

Looking towards the future, Sim Fern is aware that he needs to stay on top of news and trends. He recognizes that furniture design will always evolve, but it’s important to balance aesthetically pleasing design with utilitarian purpose. That’s why he attends the annual Architectural Digest Design Home Show to learn more about the changes in his field. From implementing tech seamlessly into furniture and woodworking to 3D printed projects, Sim Fern is interested to explore the exciting changes that are happening in the fabrication and design world.

You can connect with Sim Fern online.

 Sim Fern, Principal and Founder of Upbeat Designs. 

Sim Fern, Principal and Founder of Upbeat Designs.